In the past few years, we’ve built multiple applications for clients. We’ve built headless data processing pipelines, highly interactive web UIs, text-based terminal UIs, desktop applications, and plenty of scripts. While we are comfortable building products from start to finish, we work in a highly collaborative manner, having contributed feature development on some teams while mentoring less-experienced members to improve their programming skills.

With a strong focus on developer tooling, automated testing, and observability tools, we’ve helped teams to reduce the onboarding time of new software engineers, as well as to reduce the pains of their development processes by streamlining, automating, and reducing risks in their workflows as well as by replacing manual checklists with continuous integration and deployment pipelines.

We are strong advocates of automated testing and can help kickstart or improve your application’s test suite. We have a lot of experience with unit tests, UI tests, integration tests, and API tests, and we have written a number of open source libraries to help with testing.

One application focus has been data processing. We have experience integrating data from various sources including USB-connected hardware, XML- and HL7-based healthcare APIs, non-normalized data lakes, and legacy SQL databases. We’ve worked with untested and undocumented APIs, building resilience into data pipelines by discovering, documenting, and handling unexpected use-cases. We have solid relational database skills and have experience with optimizing SQL queries for datasets of over 100M rows.

We have strong web app and web UI skills, and have built many web applications on our own and alongside our clients’ developers, including multi-user multi-role enterprise workflow applications, and a videoconferencing server with a web-based client. We have added web-based dashboards showing application performance and status as well as real-time remote visualization of high-volume data transformations.

We use a lot of open source software, and we contribute back with pull requests and by creating our own open source libraries and tools.

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